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Type: Primary Legislative Body
Meeting location: Conference Room

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October 2019

Oct, 2019

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
Allen, III William Board Member2/1/2015 1/4/2022      
Anderson, Ernie Alternate5/16/2019 5/5/2021    
Boyette, John Alternate2/19/2019 2/16/2021      
Bruton, Teresa Alternate2/19/2019 11/23/2021      
Bumgarner, Don Board Member8/21/2013 9/21/2021    
Bunn, Bobby Alternate2/19/2019 4/20/2021      
Bush, Lori Alternate2/19/2019 1/18/2022      
Byrne, John Board Member8/18/2013 4/13/2021      
Currin, Ronnie Alternate2/19/2019 1/18/2022      
Eagles, Frank Board Member9/22/2016 12/23/2020    
Evans, Susan Alternate2/19/2019 1/18/2022      
Geigle, Joe Alternate1/7/2019 9/22/2021      
Grannis, Michael Board Member2/6/2019 4/18/2023      
Gray, Virginia Board Member1/21/2016 12/20/2019      
Hedlund, Terry Board Member8/21/2013 2/17/2021    
Hunt, Grady Board Member1/14/2019 5/22/2020      
Hutchinson, Sig Vice Chair1/1/2016 10/28/2020    
Johnson, Liz Alternate2/19/2019 9/23/2020    
Jones,Vivian Board Member12/1/2011 7/19/2021    
Jordan, Valerie Board Member1/9/2017 5/18/2021      
Karan, Tim Alternate2/19/2019 10/20/2020      
Killen, Russell Board Member10/17/2019 5/18/2021      
Knudson, Catherine Board Member6/14/2019 8/11/2021      
Lawter, RS "Butch" Board Member2/18/2016 5/18/2021    
Marshburn, Ken Alternate2/19/2019 10/20/2020      
Massengill, Blake Alternate2/19/2019 1/18/2022      
McFarlane, Nancy Board Member8/21/2014 4/27/2021    
Mulhollem, Matt Board Member4/1/2018 11/24/2020      
Nowell, Neena Board Member2/22/2018 4/19/2021      
Olive, Lance Board Member1/1/2016 4/20/2021      
Penny, Howard Board Member1/14/2019 5/19/2021      
Roberson, James Board Member1/1/2016 4/20/2021    
Robinson, Jennifer Alternate2/19/2019 11/12/2020      
Safran, Perry Ex Officio Member8/21/2013 10/18/2021    
Sears, Dick Board Member12/1/2011 6/23/2021      
Smith, Bob Alternate2/19/2019 2/16/2021    
Smoak, Edgar Board Member3/1/2018 11/17/2021      
Stephenson, Russ Alternate2/19/2019 8/19/2021      
Sullivan, John Ex Officio Member8/21/2013 4/14/2021      
Tulloss, Gus H. Board Member8/21/2014 8/10/2021    
Villadsen, Peter Alternate5/24/2019 5/12/2021      
Weatherspoon, Lewis Board Member1/1/2016 4/18/2022    
Weinbrecht, Harold Chair7/1/2008 8/16/2021      
Williams, Ronnie Board Member2/18/2016 4/19/2021      
Wright, Art Board Member2/6/2017 9/13/2021